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October 30, 2010

Day 3

Day Three : Eight ways to win your heart.

1 : Be as stupid as i am, but you have to be the serious one..(complicated??..i know)

2 : Be lazy with me sometimes. i don't always like to "do stuff"..=_="

3 : make me laugh, make fun of me, but not in a hurtful way. i just love that.

4 : have your own life so you're not always in mine. i love to be alone sometime and i can't imagine having you by my side all the goddamn time! HAHA

5 : Be yourself. i hate pretenders!

6 : Be friendly. i'm nice when you're nice.i'm not a royal descent that you have to show off things with me.

7 : Be pleased for who I am. I maybe different from others. you'll never find someone as weird like I am.

8 : Support me when i need to. stop me when you should, advice me when you could. thank you.

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