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October 25, 2010

Day 1

Day One :Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

10 : mak: ikin nak kawen bulehhhh ?? *angkat2 kening*

9 : ayah: i wish i could talk to you right now, hold your hands, and make laugh together.RIP.menangis wuwuwuuuu :'(

8 : family: bubbly talk is fun when i'm with all of you.

7 : guys: do know me well. i had many kinda fobias with your gender! lalalalalaa.

6 : girls: hug and kisses to you.rinduuu!

5 : anonymous: i love you. may i know you well? >_<

4 : stalker: i love you more. you always made my day.

3 : dear haters: i hate you more for now. i really mean it! you act like a jerk.your new nickname is you idiot.such an idiot!

2 : dear lappy: thanks for always hear my nonverbal voice without any complaining.

1 : to myself: you maybe dumb. but you're not stupid! raise your hand and held up high. proud to be yourself. don't forget your past because it has made who you are today. leave that idiots! you deserve better than :))

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