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October 28, 2010

Day 2

Day Two : So, here's nine things about myself.

nine: i know many people. but few of people i know, i know them well.

eight: i can have a very short temper..which i'm not proud of.

seven: i maybe quiet, but not exactly shy, though it may seem like know me well. :)

six: i love looking on the brighter side of thing. just say a word!

five: .....though at time, i tend to be very negative....

four: i am emotionally unstable.HAHA :D

three: i hate people lying, they're all annoying!

two: i love my lovey dovey frinds. they're my jantung, hati, limpa, usus and so on. mess up with them! i'll poke your brain of your head dude! gimme a try.

one: i heart my family alot. nothing can replace them. hurt them??? over my dead body yaw!

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