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January 6, 2011

God bless You

Ouh. what a day when someone(dear 'Sara') told you that her mom is dying over there but you're sitting over here when nothing you can do unless pray for her. She's suffering from breast cancer and doctor said it had spread to the lungs. Sara said that she still make jokes in that condition T___T . Doctor said that she only have a week longer. How tough you can be during that time. You don't even know it feel to loose someone who give you a life. How hard for you to let her go. I mean really hard. I've through it once so i wont through it twice. For you Sara, be tough. hug and kisses for you and her

* okay dah boleh menangis*




  1. aku pon nanges kyn.
    cmne lau aku kat tmpat die? :'((

  2. tulaaa pasal.hingus aku meleleh wehh! tolonggg sedut!.


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